HR Policy

Sustainable workforce
  1. As Masculini, in line with fulfilling our responsibility in creating healthy individuals and a qualified workforce;
  2. To recognise people as our most valuable asset and to accept creating a healthy and safe working environment as one of our basic principles,
  3. To identify and assess Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risks and take measures to eliminate these risks in order to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases,
  4. To develop risk analyses by ensuring the participation of our employee representatives and all our employees through effective OHS board meetings, to find and implement solutions that eliminate risks and do not create new risks,
  5. Use safe equipment and appropriate technologies to provide a healthy and safe working environment,
  6. To ensure the participation of all levels of the organisation in the improvement of OHS practices,
  7. To act in accordance with the applicable OHS legislation and other legal requirements,
  8. Developing methods, establishing targets and management programmes, receiving and providing trainings in order to create a sustainable OHS management system and continuously improving the performance of this system,
  9. To raise awareness by creating a safe working and living culture for our employees, employees of the contractors and suppliers we receive service from, our visitors and interns,
  10. And finally, we are committed to being an exemplary organisation in line with our goals with our OHS practices by working with all our strength.
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