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Masculini Fashion

Desing & Production

For more than 20 years, MASCULINI, with its in-house designers, has been creating unique collections for distinguished customers all over the world. In each collection, the fabrics are selected with great care and the combinations are supervised to the finest detail. Our company has its own production and marketing power. With the valuable contributions of our supplier solution partners, Masculini Fashion Group is one of the most respected, reliable and innovative companies in its field. Masculini develops all kinds of management systems year by year within the framework of digital transformation.

100% guaranteed by Masculini

Quality Management

All products we produce (shrinkage, measurement, stain controls, etc.) are subjected to continuous quality control management. Despite this, in case of any error or failure, our products are 100% guaranteed by our company.

Ready-made products

Custom Production

We always have approximately 15,000 ready-to-wear garments and accessories in stock. On our B2B portal, our customers can view all of our collections and place orders that meet their needs. Ready-made products are dispatched within 24 hours.

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unique collections

Private Label Production

We also have sufficient experience in private label production. You can choose models from our collections or make changes on them. It is possible to create your own models with our company. We prepare unique collections special for our customers and we also produce their own collections.

Cmt Manufacturing

We also offer our customers the option of co-production on a CMT basis. As well as processing DFX mould files, where digital moulds are not available, we can create digital moulds using dimension tables.

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