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Kissing Stacked Buttons

Kissing stacked buttons are buttons that are touching and slightly overlapping one another. They are currently very popular for Business Suits and specially for Vintage Suits. At these days nearly all of our cutomers are ordering their suits with this button sewing type. 

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Vintage Fabrics

As known, vintage suits are currently very popular. Here you can see one of our favourite fabric swatches. It has many light and fresh colors. Optimal for a summer wedding day. We can make the suit completely from the checked fabric with a plain waistcoat or the opposit option where the waistcoat will be from the checked fabric and the suit plain. Its up to everyone's taste :)

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Satin Fabric

Satin fabrics are mostly used for Smoking Suits or Tuxedos also known as "Black Tie". Usually the rever and buttons of these suits are made of a very fine satin to look them more elegant. In some cases we produce also Smokings with satin welt pockets at the sides and a satin breast pocket. 

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AMF Stitching

AMF stitching is a small stitch around the edges of the jacket, rever and pockets. It can be used also for the trouser pocket edges. The AMF stitching is a low process which takes long time but it is worth it. Jackets, Tuxedos, Smokings with AMF stitching are value-added items and it gives the Suit a special look. 

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