We are producer and wholesaler of "Men's Wedding ang Classic Suits" with more then 15 years experience. Our main target is to supply the market with top quality and fashionable products under considering competitive price ranges. For inquiries and questions please do not hesitate tocontact us. We are looking forward to welcome you in the family of
Masculini Fashion Group

Production & Quality

We are producing all our products in Turkey under consideration of european terms & standarts. Our designers and experienced quality managers work continuously in the highest level to fit all requirements and demands of our clients.

Warehouse & Storage

We store more then thousands of ready made articles in our barcode controlled and automatized warehouses to serve our clients with immediate orders. Private label customers also enjoy the benefit of using our warehouse capacity.

Shipping & Delivery

Due to our special aggrements with the most common and trusted international forwarders we organize the deliveries according to the rules of Incoterms directly from our central warehouse to all destinations in the world without any risk and delay.